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There’s been much talk this season and last regarding a certain Manchester City player, Mr Mario Balotelli. Many people recently, such as Garth Crooks on Football Focus, have claimed that the Italian is bringing City’s reputation into disrepute and the lack of professionalism he displays on occasion is a ‘disgrace’. There are others that see [...]

Transfer deadline day for English clubs was last week (31st August 2011) and one of the most high profile signings has slipped very much under the radar. Vicente Rodríguez of Valencia signed a one year contract with Gus Poyet’s Brighton and Hove Albion. This is widely considered by Brighton fans to be the clubs biggest [...]

Brighton & Hove Albion Signings:   The Albion have been busy this transfer window. Around 8 player left the club in the summer and have pretty much now all be replace by, what I consider anyway, to be far better quality players. Gus Poyet and Tony Bloom have done Brighton proud and sensible signings have [...]

So we are now four weeks in to the new football season,  that’s 5 games so far for the non EPL contingent of TIB teams and 3 games for the remainder. What is there to say except for there has been nothing other than goals goals goals across all 4 top divisions especially from the [...]

Cheeseslices writer David Smith gives his account on why he supports Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. This is the first in a series on of why our writers support their respective football clubs. My first season supporting Brighton and Hove Albion FC was an astonishing one. My father had very kindly bought me [...]