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So we are now four weeks in to the new football season,  that’s 5 games so far for the non EPL contingent of TIB teams and 3 games for the remainder. What is there to say except for there has been nothing other than goals goals goals across all 4 top divisions especially from the [...]

The league kicked off on August 6th with what was becoming a disappointingly familiar list of opponents for Charlton Athletic. The consensus within all things Charlton is that we simply cannot stay in this league for much longer without seriously damaging our long team future prospects and therefore promotion is the aim, and automatic promotion [...]

Most football clubs have a certain ‘je ne se qua’ about them which gives the supporter a reason to choose and consequently follow their club. Close proximity is the primary reason for choosing a team followed by (in no particular order) choosing (or being forced) your parent’s/grandparent’s/sibling’s team, following a successful team, following the team [...]